Yandex.Routing is a logistics platform for planning delivery routes and their monitoring in real time.

Yandex.Routing allows online stores to deliver goods on time with 98% accuracy and reduce the cost of an order by 20%, time intervals for product delivery by 75%, and the load on the call center by 40%. With this solution, manufacturers and retail chains increase transportation transparency and reduce mileage by 10-20%.

The clients include: Baltika Breweries, Coca-cola, Yandex.Market, IKEA, etc.

The logistics platform consists of the Planning Service and the Monitoring Service.

The Planning Service features:

  • automatic distribution of 1000+ orders among drivers in 20 minutes;
  • route creation while taking into account road restrictions;
  • considering 100+ delivery parameters;
  • building routes for vehicles, trucks, couriers, public transport, and mixed routes.

The Monitoring Service features:

  • support for multiple data sources that monitor drivers/couriers: GPS sensors, cell towers, iOS/Android applications, etc.;
  • order status and estimated delivery time for customers;
  • route monitoring and checking the order status by the courier;
  • timely reporting on completed orders, delivery forecasts, performance metrics for logistics experts.


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