Viber bot for a taxi company


A Viber bot integrates and automates the work of several services, which are indispensable for a modern taxi service:

  • Сollection of rental payments
    As soon as the driver accumulates debt in Yandex.Taxometer, the bot will block the car and immediately unblock it after topping up.
  • Hassle-free service to top up the driver’s balance
    You can easily link the driver’s bank card to the system, and he will be able to transfer his money from the Yandex.Taxometer balance to his card 24/7.
  • Vehicle movement control
    When leaving the permitted area, exceeding the permissible speed or detecting interference, the driver and the employee of the taxi fleet will receive warnings. The bot will either block the car or impose a fine on the driver.
  • Control over vehicle maintenance
    When scheduled maintenance is approaching, the bot will send a reminder to the mechanic, register the car at a service station. The driver will receive a notification about the need to visit the service.
  • Timely payment of traffic fines in automatic mode
    The bot will track traffic fines, charge them to the driver who was driving at the time of the violation, and write off the amount of debt from the driver in Yandex.Taxometer.
  • Control of paying parking fees
    In order to avoid fines, the Bot will automatically start a parking session in paid parking areas.
  • Analysis of the taxi fleet operation
    Connect a Viber bot and find out more about the functioning of your taxi fleet!


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