TaxiBot is a taxi company management bot in Telegram.

The solution allows taxi companies to monitor drivers and taxis and increase profits per vehicle. It has two versions: for taxi operators and drivers. The bot doesn’t require a separate server as it uses Telegram’s infrastructure.

What TaxiBot is capable of:

  • Blocking debtors. If the balance is negative during the day, the car is blocked automatically. After the driver refills the balance, the bot will automatically unlock the car.
  • Replenishing the balance by the driver. The transaction goes through fast payment systems with a low commission of 0.7%. The fleet administrator can also replenish the driver’s balance or write off the amount from the balance through the bot.
  • Collecting a deposit/collateral. A sum is collected daily and sent to the driver’s account. The bot keeps track of transactions to/from the deposit account. The user can withdraw money from the deposit to the balance.
  • Checking the MOT status of a vehicle. The bot checks a car’s mileage and sends a reminder of the scheduled maintenance.
  • Tracking OSAGO, CASCO, and diagnostic card renewal.
  • Storing waybills and driver cards. The user can print waybills and driver cards through the bot. If the driver does not receive the waybills on time, the car gets blocked.
  • Checking fines. The bot checks traffic fines daily, while their sums are automatically deducted from the driver’s balance.
  • City parking payment. The driver can use their balance in the bot to pay for parking.
  • Generating taxi fleet income reports. The bot provides reports on income from each vehicle in the fleet per day and per month.

Taxi telematics data from Wialon is sent to the app via API.


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