taxiCRM is an automated management control, analytics and instant payments system for taxi companies:

  • more than 400 taxi companies throughout the Russian Federation;
  • more than 30,000 active drivers every day;
  • more than $6,5 mln a month paid to drivers by companies via our service.

The main advantage of the service is a collection of more than 40 modules that create a single workspace with a user-friendly interface and flexible functional settings. The taxiCRM service allows the owner of a taxi fleet to:

  • save time by optimizing routine processes;
  • predict profits with the help of analytics;
  • reduce labor costs;
  • analyze the performance of each driver;
  • establish management control;
  • automate payments to drivers;
  • increase the loyalty of drivers;
  • eliminate errors in money transfers;
  • make the business more profitable and less stressful.

The taxiCRM clients pay only for the functions they use. Thanks to Wialon, the service allows users to track speedings and send notifications on them, calculate the mileage, check routes, and control other parameters.


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