Route4Me Route Planner


Route4Me route planner is a route planning and optimization service that provides navigation and related features. Unlike other services, Route4Me can optimize complex delivery routes for a variety of modes. In addition, Route4Me’s route optimization engine helps organizations reduce fuel consumption, emissions, and costs associated with route planning.

Time windows are commonly needed to guide field personnel to conduct delivery, customer service and sales. For example, a repair technician may be scheduled for morning appointments from 8 am-noon and evening appointments from 4 pm – 7 pm.

The ability to specify time windows with a single check box greatly simplifies the process of creating routes.

With Route4Me you can automatically create routes with time windows and handle other advanced routing constraints.

Available on iOS and Android, Route4Me is the perfect companion app for delivery drivers, sales managers or field service representatives.



Language support

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  • Chinese Chinese
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