Logistics Tools 24

The Logistics Tools 24 web service represents a platform for end-to-end route planning for city/regional delivery, dispatching, communications, and analytics which handles hard work so you can focus on your customers.

Key features:

  1. Automatic and manual planning of delivery routes
  2. Mobile application for drivers
  3. Rounds planned vs actual
  4. Customizable flexible interface
  5. Ready-made integrations with accounting systems and REST API for individual integrations.

Advantages of the Logistics Tools 24 web service:

  1. Access from anywhere in the world
    Internet connection is the only thing needed to start working. You can work both from the office and from home. Even if you have many divisions in different regions, you can assemble logistics management in a single center.
  2. Pay only for what you use
    If you have an unstable number of sales due to seasonal fluctuations or other specifics, you will only pay for the amount of transport which has been actually used.
  3. No need to install anything
    Just register and start your work right away. There is no need to install or configure anything. All updates are included in the subscription price.
  4. We offer consultancy services to our clients

Our support team is always available. They will help you easily understand the solution during the first month of operation and will gladly answer any questions in the future.


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