The software for third-party logistics service providers, EPORT helps to manage delivery fleets, customers, orders, and billing throughout the logistics chain.

  • 3PL control center. A single interface to manage owned and third-party fleets, local and international carriers, customers, orders, drivers, and assistants.
  • Integrated fleet management. Transport availability statuses, vehicle movements on the map, cargo tracking for carriers and clients, alerts for delivery status updates.
  • 3PL service management on mobile. Mobile apps for proof of delivery, navigation to pickup and delivery points, cargo tracking, and first-hand updates from drivers.
  • Multi-user service hierarchy. Access to different service functionality for third-party logistics providers, carriers, and customers to manage their instances independently.
  • Billing service. EPORT offers individual billing for each carrier and customer to automatically generate invoices, waybills, and manifestoes. Based on carrier contract rates and customer buying rates, the service suggests the best delivery offer for both parties.

Start managing all components of your logistics ecosystem in a single screen.