Autochat is a messenger that makes corporate communications easier and internal processes more transparent and controllable. Such a solution is especially useful for companies with some of their employees working in the office and some working remotely.

The solution is integrated with Wialon – Autochat gets the list of drivers and their phone numbers from the system. To obtain them, you need to specify your Wialon account in the messenger and click the Synchronization button.


  • User-friendly interface;
  • Flexibility: different types of communication for employees, standard and group chats, chat copy, etc.;
  • Private system: communication is possible only between authorized users;
  • The ability to view the chat history;
  • “Closed” internet: SIM cards with limited internet traffic;
  • The ability to integrate with different CRM and ERP systems.

What do you need to get started? Download the app and get the login and password. A demo account can be created on the developer’s website, while to start using a regular one, you’ll have to contact the developer directly.


  • Belarus Belarus

Language support

  • Russian Russian