Manufacturer: EPCOM
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Features EPCOM XMR404HD:
  • Blackbox
Supported in Wialon:
  • Camera connection
  • Event video
  • Remote management via GPRS
  • Digital sensors
  • Live stream
  • Manual video saving
  • Playback
  • Alarm button
  • Communication via TCP

The following data should also be added to EPCOM XMR404HD unit properties section of Wialon GPS tracking software :

Device type: EPCOM XMR404HD
Unique ID: serial

Specify the following parameters in configuration software or configuration EPCOM XMR404HD for use in Wialon Hosting :

Server port: 21629

1046 units of EPCOM XMR404HD device type are connected to Wialon Data Center. This represents 5.76% of all Video monitoring connected.

Below chart represents the dynamic of connections in the last 30 days:

Parameter name Description Units
autocar Vehicle number
autono Device number
carnum Device plate number
cid Customer identifier
cname Customer name
devclass Device class:
0: DVR
1: IPC
2: NVR
devname Device name
eid Wifi's essid
gps_quality Possible values:
0: GPS data are reliable and effective
1: data are not necessarily reliable, this situation usually occurs when the
number of tracking satellites is insufficient
2: device has no GPS module.
lineno Line number
mode Link mode:
0: direct mode
1: transmit mode
net Registered network type:
0: wired network
1: wifi network
2: 3G/4G network
pro Current protocol version number
uname Driver name
uno Driver number
spi_s_alarm Alarm status
spi_s_g3 3G Status:
0: module does not exist
1: No SIM card
2: No module and No SIM card
3: module exists and SIM card exists
spi_s_g3s Signal strength of the 3G network. Range: 0-5.
0: no signal or no connection
5: The best signal
spi_s_g4 4G status:
0: module does not exist
1: No SIM card
2: No module and No SIM card
3: module exists and SIM card exists
spi_s_4gs Signal strength of the 4G network. Range: 0-5.
0: no signal or no connection
5: The best signal
spi_s_s Ground speed
spi_s_stc Total number of the storage device
spi_s_su Speed unit:
0: KM/H
1: MI/H
spi_s_sw Key ignition status:
0: Disable
1: Enable
spi_s_tc Temperature indoors
spi_s_td Device temperature
spi_s_tm Total mileage km
spi_s_v Voltage V
spi_s_w WIFI status:
0: module does not exist
1: module exists
spi_s_ws Signal strength of WIFI network. Range: 0-5.
0: no signal or no connection
5: the best signal
spi_s_sinfo_ls Free capacity
spi_s_sinfo_o Storage media type:
0: Internal (default)
1: External
spi_s_sinfo_s Storage device status:
0: normal
1: malfunction
spi_s_sinfo_t Storage media type:
0: HDD
1: USB
2: SD card
spi_s_sinfo_ts Total capacity
spi_m Indicates that the active message
contains GPS or state; bit reprensent.
Valid when bit is 1;
Bit0: GPS;
Bit1: Device status
BIT2: oil volume
spi_real If it does not exist, means real-time
0: means real-time upload;
1: means replenishment
ign Ignition:
0 - ignition off
1 - ignition on
pulses Number of pulses
ioN_name The name of IO sensor.
N - IO number
ioN_nser IO abbreviation.
N - IO number
ioN_s IO status (N - IO number):
0 - low level
1 - high level
2 - open circuit
3 - Short circuit
ioN_u IO usage (N - IO number):
0 - no usage
1 - emergency alarm
2 - call
3 - neutral
4 - air conditioning
5 - pressure table
6 - over height
7 - green cover
8 - front door
9 - front door open
11 - middle door 1
12 - middle door 1 open
13 - middle door 1 off
14 - back door 1
15 - back door 1 open
16 - back door 1 off
17 - low beam light
18 - high beam light
19 - right turn
20 - left turn
21 - brake
22 - security commitment
en Real-time position monitoring status:
0 - disabled
1 - enabled
mon_mode Real-time location monitoring methods:
1 - by distance interval
2 - by time interval
3 - by distance and time intervals
num Upload frequency ranging from 0 to 65535.
Upload automatically stops after reaching the count.
0 or when the field is empty there is no limit to the number of times.
sep Distance interval.
Automatic vehicle location reporting cycle distance, ranging from 5 to 65535.
10 m units. Such as '50' represent each with 500 meters to take the initiative to report a location information.
10 meters
tm Time Interval.
Automatic vehicle location reporting time period, ranging from 5 to 65535. In seconds. Such as '300' for every 300 seconds to take the initiative to report a location information.
cs clear sensor: to set passager counting to 0

(Passenger Flow Count)
upp The number of people get on the vehicle

(Passenger Flow Count)
downp The number of people get off the vehicle

(Passenger Flow Count)
name current stop name

(Passenger Flow Count)
time_open Door opening time

(Passenger Flow Count)
time_close time when door got closed

(Passenger Flow Count)
alarmcount The number of times the same alarm was sent.

(Alarm Info)
alarminfo Alarm name

(Alarm Info)
alarmuid Indicates whether this alarm is the first alarm or the same alarm repeated.

(Alarm Info)
channel Channel 32 bit mask. Each bit indicates corresponding channel state: 0 - invalid, 1 - valid.

(Alarm Info)
channelmask Channel alarm 32 bit mask. Each bit indicates corresponding channel alarm state: 0 - alarm off, 1 - alarm on.

(Alarm Info)
cmdtype 0: Release alarm
1: start the alarm
2: Pre alarm

(Alarm Info)
alarminfo_l Language:
0: Simplified Chinese
1: English
2: Korean
3: the Italian language
4: German
5: Thai
6: Turkey
7: Portugal
8: Spain
9: Romania
10: Greece
11: French
12: Russian
13: Dutch
14: Hebrew
15: Chinese Traditional

(Alarm Info)
alarmtype Alarm type:

0: Video loss alarm
1: Camera covered alarm
2: Motion detection alarm 
3: storage abnormal alarm 
4: User-defined alarm
5:sentries inspection alarm 
6:Violation detection alarm 
7:Emergency alarm
8: Speed alarm 
9: Low voltage alarm
16 Internal use 
17 get in/out of fence alarm 
18 acc alarm 
19 The peripherals are
20 stop announcement
21 GPS Antenna
22 day and night switch
23 prohibit driving
32 serial alarm
33 Fatigue alarm
34 time-out parking alarm 
35 gesture alarm
36 green driving alarm event 
37 illegal ignition alarm
38 illegal shutdown alarm
39 Custom External Input Alarm 
40 thinking LKJ 
41 TAX3 item alarm 
42 oil alarm 
43 bus lane occupation alarm
44 forgotten alarm 
45 special customer fault alarm 
46 temperature abnormal alarm
47 temperature change abnormal alarm
48 smoke alarm
49 gbox alarm 
50 license plate recognition alarm
51speed alarm
52 wireless signal abnormal alarm
53 Arming alarm
54 phone-call alarm
55 GPS fault alarm
56 DSM alarm 
57 fire box alarm
run The number of restarts

(Alarm Info)
ser Abbreviation for alarm,1-32

(Alarm Info)
sno 1 ~ 255. Custom alarms are numbered by the device to distinguish between multiple custom alarms. The number must not be repeated.

(Alarm Info)
triggertype Trigger type:
0: Manual
1: automatic

(Alarm Info)
lch_N Channel number alarm:
N is channel number for which alarm is valid. Parameter is a bit mask. Every bit from 0 to 31 is set to 1 if corresponding channel is bounded to this alarm

(Alarm Info)
push Channel number alarm:
Bit mask, BIT0-BIT31 indicates channel 1-channel 32, 1 indicates that the channel's alarm needs to push, otherwise no push)
Other alarms: 0 - don't push, 1 - push

(Alarm Info)
storagetype 0 - hard drive
1-U disk
2-SD card

(Alarm Info)
storageindex 1-32 (logical number of memory)

(Alarm Info)
errorcode 1-32, Memory abnormity serial number

(Alarm Info)
errordescription Memory abnormity descriptor

(Alarm Info)
atype Speed alarm category.
0: Standard low speed alarm
1: Standard high speed alarm
2: overspeed Pre alarm
3: real-time high-speed alarm
4: emergency deceleration alarm
5: speed recovery normal alarm
6: parking
7: threshold alarm
8: start alarm (speed from 0 to non-0)

(Alarm Info)
csp Speed Alarm: current speed value

(Alarm Info)
minsp Speed Alarm: lowest speed value

(Alarm Info)
maxsp Speed Alarm: highest speed value

(Alarm Info)
v Voltage alarm: current voltage

(Alarm Info)

(Alarm Info)
acc_direction Acceleration direction:
0: X direction;
1: Y direction;
2: Z direction;
3: collision
4: rollover;
5: bumps
6: rapid acceleration
7: rapid deceleration
10:harsh left turn
11:harsh right turn
(Alarm Info, Acceleration Alarm)
st when alarmtype = 56 (DSM alarm):
Sub-alarm type

  1. Fatigue driving
  2. No driver
  3. Phone call alarm
  4. Smoking
  5. Distraction
  6. LDW
  7. FCW
  8. Speed sign violation - not implemented.
  9. *reserved*
  10. Following too close.
  11. Yawning
  12. Pedestrian collision warning
  13. Aisle overcrowding
  14. Passengers on board outside the station
  15. The full line change lanes
  16. Watching and playing mobile phone
  17. Seat belts not fastened
  18. Driver certification failure
  19. Blind spot detection (right side)
  20. Forward collision warning (Virtual bumper)
  21. Two Hands break away from the wheel
  22. One hand break away from the wheel
  23. Glasses blocking
  24. Blind spot detection (left side)
  25. Passengers interfere with the driver's drivering
(Alarm Info, DSM alarm)
acc_x Acceleration along x-axis

(Alarm Info, Acceleration Alarm)
acc_y Acceleration along y-axis

(Alarm Info, Acceleration Alarm)
acc_z Acceleration along z-axis

(Alarm Info, Acceleration Alarm)
acc_v G4 or G5 Acceleration value

(Alarm Info, Acceleration Alarm)

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