Meitrack TC68L

Meitrack TC68L
Manufacturer: Meitrack
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Number of units


The following data should also be added to Meitrack TC68L unit properties section of Wialon GPS tracking software :

Device type: Meitrack TC68L
Unique ID: imei

Specify the following parameters in configuration software or configuration Meitrack TC68L for use in Wialon Hosting :

Server port: 21909

43 units of Meitrack TC68L device type are connected to Wialon Data Center. This represents 0.06% of all OBD trackers connected.

Below chart represents the dynamic of connections in the last 30 days:

Parameter name Description Units
code Event Code
valid GPS status
gsm GSM signal
hdop Horizontal Dilution of Precision
mileage Total accumulated mileage
engine_hours Total accumulated runtime Hours
ignition Ignition status
battery battery charge
pwr_ext Voltage of external power supply V
engine_rpm Engine rpm rpm
eng_load_calc Engine load calculation %
collant_temp Engine coolant temperature °C
fuel_consumption Fuel consumption L/100 km
intake_air_temp Intake air temperature Kpa
oil_pressure Oil pressure Kpa
atmos_pressure Atmospheric pressure Kpa
intake_pressure Intake-tube absolute pressure Kpa
air_flow Air flow g/s
throttle_pos Throttle position %
engine_mileage One mileage: from the engine start to stop meter
fuel_level Percentage of remain fuel %
system_flag Bitwise parameter:
Bit 2 - ACC status: 1 - ACC is on, 0 - ACC is off
Bit 3 - anti-theft status: 1 - the device is in arming state, 0 - the
device is disarming state
Bit 4: 1 - the device is vibrating, 0 - the device is not vibrating
Bit 5: 1 - the device is moving, 0 - the device is not moving
Bit 6: 1 - an external power supply is connected, 0 - no external power supply
is connected
Bit 7: 1 - the device is charging, 0 - the device is not charging
Bit 8: 1 - the device is in sleep mode, 0 - the device is working normally
gsm_signal GSM signal strength
geo_fance_number Geo-fence number
taho_perf Tachograph performance
clutch_switch Clutch switch
park_brake Parking brake switch
cruise_cnt Cruise control system
acc_pedal Accelerator pedal position %
can_fuel_lvl CAN bus fuel level %
act_eng_torque Actual engine torque %
act_eng_tor_speed Actual engine torque at current speed %
veh_speed_taho Vehicle speed (based on the tachograph) km/h
veh_speed_wheel Vehicle speed (based on the wheel) km/h
engine_speed Engine speed rpm
eng_cool_temp Engine coolant temperature °C
amb_air_temp Ambient air temperature °C
avg_fuel_cons_100 Average fuel consumption per 100 km
mileage Mileage meter
run_time Run time second
system_flag Bitwise parameter:
Bit 0: Whether to modify the EEP2 parameter. When the parameter value is 1, the EEP2 parameter is modified.
Bit 1: Indicates the ACC status. When the parameter value is 1, the ACC is on.
Bit 2: Indicates the anti-theft status. When the parameter value is 1, the device is in the arming state.
Bit 3: vibration flag. When the parameter value is 1, the device is vibrating.
Bit 4: moving flag. When the parameter value is 1, the device is moving.
Bit 5: Whether to connect the external power supply. When the parameter value is 1, the external power supply is connected.
Bit 6: Whether the device is charging. When the parameter value is 1, the device is charging.
Bit 7: Whether to enable the sleep mode. When the parameter value is 1, the sleep mode is enabled.
Bit 8: Whether to connect the FMS. When the parameter value is 1, the FMS is connected.
Bit 9: Whether to enable the FMS function. When the parameter value is 1, the FMS function is enabled.
Bits 10–31: reserved.
total_fuel_cons Total fuel consumption L
total_eng_run_tm Total engine run time h
high_res_veh_dist High resolution vehicle distance meter
high_res_total_fuel_con High resolution total fuel consumption L
fuel_cons_rate Fuel consumption rate L/H
service_dist Service distance km
fuel_cons Instantaneous fuel consumption km/L
axle_weight Axle weight kg
fms_vehicle_speed Speed of vehicle km/h
fms_vehicle_tacho_speed Speed of the vehicle registered by the tachograph km/h
fms_control_state Cruise control states:
000 - Off/Disabled
001 – Hold
010 – Accelerate
011 – Decelerate
100 – Resume
101 – Set
110 – Accel. Override
111 - Not available
fms_accel_pedal_pos Accelerator pedal position
fms_total_fuel_used Engine total fuel used L
fms_engine_speed Actual engine speed which is calculated over a minimum crankshaft angle of 720 degrees divided by the number of cylinders. rpm
fms_total_engine_hours Accumulated time of operation of engine h
fms_vehicle_distance Accumulated distance travelled by the vehicle during its operation m
fms_engine_coolant_temp Temperature of liquid found in engine cooling system °C
fms_fuel_level Ratio of volume of fuel to the total volume of fuel storage container %
fms_engine_torque The calculated output torque of the engine %
fms_ambient_air_temp Temperature of air surrounding vehicle °C
fms_engine_total_fuel_used Accumulated amount of fuel used during vehicle operation L
fms_load_at_current_speed The ratio of actual engine percent torque (indicated) to maximum indicated torque available at the current engine speed, clipped to zero torque during engine braking %
fms_engine_fuel_rate Amount of fuel consumed by engine per unit of time L/h
fms_axle_weight Total mass imposed by the tires on the road surface at the specified axle kg
fms_service_distance The distance which can be travelled by the vehicle before the next service inspection is required km
fms_instantaneous_fuel_economy Current fuel economy at current vehicle velocity km/L
fms_status_engine_brake Brake switch
00 = pedal released
01 = pedal depressed
fms_engine_oil_temperature Engine oil temperature °C
fms_engine_fuel_temperature Engine fuel temperature °C
fms_total_vehicle_hours Accumulated time of operation of engine. H
fms_trip_distance Accumulated distance travelled by the vehicle during its operation m
fms_engine_trip_fuel Accumulated amount of fuel used during vehicle operation L
fms_percent_clutch_slip Clutch switch
00 = pedal released
01 = pedal depressed

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