G500 OBD GPS Tracker

G500 OBD GPS Tracker
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Number of units

Supported in Wialon:
  • CAN-bus support
  • Communication via TCP

The following data should also be added to G500 OBD GPS Tracker unit properties section of Wialon GPS tracking software :

Device type: G500 OBD GPS Tracker
Unique ID: imei

Specify the following parameters in configuration software or configuration G500 OBD GPS Tracker for use in Wialon Hosting :

Server port: 21829

2 units of G500 OBD GPS Tracker device type are connected to Wialon Data Center. This represents 0% of all OBD trackers connected.

Below chart represents the dynamic of connections in the last 30 days:

Parameter name Description Units
alarm Alarm name:
0 - Overspeed alarm
1 - Fatigue driving
2 - GPS module failure
3 - Undervoltage battery
4 - Abnormal charging circuit
5 - ECM failure
6 - Overhigh coolant temperature
7 - Excessively low coolant temperature
8 - Maintenance reminder
9 - Throttle clearing reminder
10 - The equipment is unplugged
16 - Vehicle vibration alarm (after fortification )
17 - Vehicle protocol has not been read
18 - Rapid acceleration
19 - Sharp deceleration
20 - Sharp turn
21 - Towing alarm
22 - Collision alarm
23 - Rollover alarm
24 - Fast lane change
25 -
Urgent engine throttling (fullthrottle). Different vehicles may be accompanied by rapid acceleration alarm at the same time
26 - Long-time idling
27 - SOS alarm
alarm_data Alarm data for each alarm name below:
0 - current speed in km/h
1 - travel time in seconds
3 - current battery voltage which is the actual value*10
4 - current battery voltage which is the actual value*10
5 - number of fault code
6 -
current coolant temperature in ℃
ws_type Type:
0 - sleep
1 - wake-up
wake_up_m When it is a wake-up type:
0 - power-up
1 - wake-up by voltage fluctuation
2 - wake-up by phone SMS
3 - wake-up by vibration
4 - wake-up by RTC
5 - wake-up by equipment restart
data_type Data type:
0 - blind data
1 - real-time data
travel_id Travel ID. Each ignition and flameout indicates one travel. The travel times accumulates automatically.
c_module_volt Control module voltage
load_calc_v Load calculation value
cool_temp Coolant temperature
engine_rpm Engine speed rpm
obd_speed OBD vehicle speed
ign_adv_angle Ignition advance angle
abs_press Absolute pressure of intake manifold
temp_int Inlet temperature
air_flow Air mass flow g/s
rel_thrt_pos Relative position of throttle valve
long_t_fuel_corr Long-term fuel correction
air_fuel_ratio_c Air-fuel ratio coefficient
abs_thrt_pos Absolute throttle position
fuel_press Fuel pressure kpa
fuel_consumption1 Instantaneous fuel consumption 1 L/h
fuel_consumption2 Instantaneous fuel consumption 2
ign_time Ignition time
flameout_time Flameout time
curr_tr_tm Current travel time sec
curr_fuel_cons Current fuel consumption ml
curr_mileage Current mileage m
max_speed Maximum speed km/h
max_engine_rpm Maximum engine speed rpm
max_cool_temp Maximum coolant temperature
rapid_accel Times of rapid acceleration time
sharp_decel Times of Sharp deceleration time
spd_time Speeding time(>120km/h) sec
spd_mileage Mileage of speeding m
spd_fuel_cons Fuel consumption for speeding ml
hspd_time Time of driving at high speed(80km/h-120km/h)
hspd_mileage Mileage of driving at high speed m
hspd_fuel_cons Fuel consumption of driving at high speed
mspd_time Time of driving at medium speed (40km/h-80km/h)
mspd_mileage Mileage of driving at medium speed m
mspd_fuel_cons Fuel consumption of driving at medium speed
lspd_time Time of driving at low speed (1km/h-40km/h)
lspd_mileage Mileage of driving at low speed m
lspd_fuel_cons Fuel consumption of driving at low speed
idle_time Idling time sec
idle_fuel_cons Idling fuel consumption ml
sharp_turn Times of sharp turn time
over_spd Times of overspeed time
warm_up_tm Warm-up time sec
fast_ln_ch Fast lane change time
u_engine_thrt Urgent engine throttling (full-throttle) time
ign Ignition:
0 - off
1 - on

gsm GSM signal strength
mileage Mileage km
eq_status Equipment status (bitwise parameter):
bit1 - Long-time idling
bit7 - Fuel cut
bit8 - Wi-Fi (4G equipment)
bit10 - Engine failure
bit11 - Low coolant temperature
bit12 - Whether this vehicle is supported

000 -
Vehicle protocol has not been read
001 - KWP_FAST
010 - CAN(500BPS)
011 - CAN(250BPS)
100 - CAN_X(500BPS)
101 - CAN_X(250BPS)
110 - ISO9141-2

bit16 - Towing
bit17 - ACC state: 0 - closed, 1 - opened
bit24 -
Low Battery voltage
bit25 - GPS module abnormal
bit26 - Overspeed
bit27 - Fatigue driving
bit28 - Charging circuit
bit29 -
High coolant temperature
bit30 - Requiring maintenance
bit31 - Throttle cleaning
bit32 - Plugging state: 1 - Unplugging
dtc_code Engine fault code

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