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Wireless security cameras guide

12 January, 2016

Wireless security camera is an excellent device to keep a check on all the places of your importance from just about anywhere. Wireless security cameras are one of the best to not only surveillance but also to avoid any possible misfortune.

  • You have to connect the wireless security camera with the network to get it started functioning. You can either use LAN or WIFI for this purpose.
  • As soon as you connect to the network, it will assign an IP address to the Wireless security camera. You can access it from anywhere by just login using that IP and login details.
  • Wireless security cameras are mostly operable in all sides. By controlling the directions with help of your cell phone, you can rotate their movements as per your requirements.


  • There is an option for recording the location data which can be altered as per your requirements. If you would like to record everything, then it will obviously require lots of gigabytes and terabytes of space. However, if you set up the recording of Wireless security camera only on the movements, then it will require much lesser space. So, do enable this mode in wireless security camera for more effective usage.

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