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Wiatag now integrated with Garmin Fleet 790

21 May, 2018

Garmin has lately announced the release of Garmin Fleet 790 model. Garmin fleet 790 has an embedded 4G modem with open-SIM cellular connectivity for an “always-on” internet connection. This feature makes possible to connect the device to Wialon without any other additional AVL hardware.

To integrate Garmin Fleet 790 with Wialon, Gurtam has released a special Wiatag application which supports both basic Wiatag features and Garmin FMI protocol emulator. Therefore the special app version allows sending messages and coordinates from Wialon to Garmin tablet.

To send a route or a message to a driver, use standard Wialon commands – “Send message to driver” or “Send position”.

To get .apk file of the special Wiatag app version, please send a request at


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