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Who chooses the Iridium trackers?

22 October, 2021

What are the projects, where the Wi-Fi solution is not as helpful? Iridium is too expensive. Is it the myth or reality? What can we tell about Galileosky and Iridium solutions for out of GSM monitoring? Is it a worth investment to work out a solution with Iridium technology?

GSM covers 82% of the Earth, Iridium - 100

According to GSMA reports, in 2021, GSM network had been available on 82% of the planet's territory. Despite the fact that every year operators build new cellular towers, there are places with an unstable signal or even without it. It is now a major problem for those companies whose assets works outside the GSM coverage, so it’s high time to find out more about the Iridium solution.

A bright example: a huge geo exploration enterprise in Russia conducts its’ surveys across the country with off road vehicles equipped with Galileosky Dase Block Iridium satellite module. Thus, specialists receive relevant, accurate and up-to-date information about the crew location and machinery condition anywhere it is. In case of an emergency the rescue team is doing its’ best to reach the place as soon as possible.

Communication via the Iridium channel allows to transmit data from anywhere in the world. For such companies that are into geological exploration, ore extraction, oil and gas, vehicle and sea cargo, Iridium – is the only way to maintain stable data exchange.

Moreover, the Iridium system connects people living in the Arctic territory, where there is no other connection at all. At the same time, the remote region is actively developing. For example, more than half of all Russian gas is mined in Yamal. Iridium is used in the petroleum products transportation, food and industrial cargo also.

One more story is about the ice breaker. Experts installed the Galileosky device and the system has passed successful two-month ships tests in the most severe Arctic conditions. According to tests results in the northern latitudes, the integrator and the final customer were convinced that the equipment is highly reliable. Moreover, this equipment was presented on one of popular Russian exhibitions in St. Petersburg dedicated to ship technologies.

So, the system allowed vessel owners to keep an eye on the location, speed and direction. High level of protection, the ability to install a control unit in a convenient place for the crew, and stable work in the most severe conditions proved Galileosky tracker reliability. As a result vessels monitoring equipment from Vidar with Galileosky can be installed on other vessels working worldwide.

Crew safety guarantee

At the Silk Road International Rally-Marathon, to ensure the participants safety, Galileosky devices were installed. Competition routes are often outside the GSM network, but the rescue crew need to communicate with the pilot and co-pilot so that in case of any emergency or technical malfunctions to react quickly.

Such a system can work according to the following scenario: the device keeps counting the distance passage time. In addition, if the stop is spotted during the stage, the crew assistant receives the signal. It is addressed to the driver and co-pilot to clarify the cause of the stop. If necessary, the rescuers team or technical assistance machine is directed to the rally car.

Moreover, an emergency button can be installed in the vehicle as well. It is used if the car is flipped or any other serious accident occurs. It allows to inform the championship security service directly and not waste time trying to call the crew. Pressing the button or the device orientation change are the triggers for notification with coordinates, time other data depicts on the monitoring software rapidly.

On one of our webinars, we were asked a reasonable question: to transfer data the Iridium antenna has to see the open sky. How to be if the car is turned over, and the antenna looks straight into the ground?

To provide reliability, the car can be equipped with two or even three antennas in different parts of the body, including under the bottom. So the alarm will be sent 100%.

Also in order to provide safety, tourists use Iridium in long-distance hikes to monitor the group location and keep in touch with the coordinator throughout the route from anywhere in the planet. This type of communication is the most reliable, since the system of low-fat satellites can transfer a message. The main thing is to comply with the recommendations declared by the manufacturer. We discussed them at a joint webinar with Iridium Communications.

In addition, the device can automatically send an emergency message to the base, if something happened to the group or machines, and so that the messaging cost is not too expensive, the transmission interval can be configured individually.

Reducing the risk of expensive equipment loss

Install device with Iridium satellite module. It will be much more profitable than compensate losses when expensive equipment breaks down or evacuation is needed. For example, the repair of drilling, oil and gas-producing units can cost several million dollars. In addition to paying specialists for their work, add here new spare parts prices and its’ delivery cost.

For the same reason, the owners of private small vessels, yachts and boats use Galileosky Iridium devices to monitor their own expensive property. We have already told a story about how the yacht owners in Greece were able to uncover the sequence of events during the vessel crash. It was important for them to be able to transfer coordinates from anywhere in the globe, to receive information about the location and know that everything is fine with the boat.

No data transmission interruptions

There are also projects where the cost of cellular communication is slightly less than the cost of Iridium's connection, for example, in Kuwait or Zambia. In these regions mobile operator services cost is about $ 100 for the standard package. In addition, the connection between objects is not stable. In such cases, it is useful to install devices with Iridium module to provide the additionally guarantee of smooth data  transmission.

Why Galileosky Base Block Iridium is better than others?

Here are Galileosky Base block Iridium main advantages:

The user can switch between GSM and Iridium modules, thereby saving on satellite communications.

Configure the Iridium satellite data sending automatically on a set event, according to the schedule, when changing the critical technical threshold or when exiting a particular geofence. It simply allows to pay less.

Moreover, you can connect additional devices via the RS 485, RS 232 and 1-Wire interfaces. Create any device performance with Easy Logic technology. The device can also be used as the programmable controller on a fixed asset.

Base block Iridium supports the CAN Scanner tool. It allows to get any data that is contained in the CAN-bus of any car. This feature makes it possible to control the vehicle condition and in case of any deviations from the set parameters send notification to the server or inform the driver about the malfunction.

If the task is to choose a device for complex project with non-standard challenges: when people safety depends on the stable signal, when it is necessary to control special equipment performance when there is no cellular connection, then Iridium is the most suitable solution.



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