Universal liquid level sensor Eurosens MWS – control your tanks remotely

17 June, 2021

Universal liquid sensor EUROSENS MWS is based on radar principle and can be used for luquid level measurement. You can measure almost any kind of liquids : water, milk, sewage water, fuel, chemicals.

It could be installed on plastic tanks without drilling a hole and measure liquid level through upper tank cover.


Note, that Eurosens MWS sensor has blind zone of 60mm near the sensor, so we cannot use it for vehicle fuel monitoring.

But it could be OK for tankers with different types of liquids:


EUROSENS MWS has universal RS485 interface with MODBUS/LLS protocol support, so it is already integrated with your GPS devices if you are dealing with fuel level sensors by RS485 interface. It works with many popular GPS trackers like Teltonika, Xirgo, Galileosky, Ruptela, Navtelecom and others.

Fast bayonette mount is used, cables and mounting are cross-compatible with EUROSENS Dominator fuel level sensors.

mws 8

More information is available at Mechatronics website.


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