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Transcode has become a new Gurtam hardware partner

29 August, 2018

We are glad to announce a new manufacturer who has joined our Wialon community. Shenzhen Transcode Group Co.,Ltd. is a Chinese manufacturer committed to the development of hardware for fleet management, safety and security.  Below you can find a brief overview of Transcode hardware integrated with Wialon – TG 302, TG 201 and TG 88HD models.

TG 302 3G vehicle tracker

Applicable areas: financial credit, car rental, enterprises and institutions, insurance claims, mortgage vehicles, used cars, etc.

TG 302 3G vehicle tracker

TG 302 key features

  • Light perception anti-demolition, alarm for departure from installation position of terminal;
  • Vibration alarm, alarm for abnormal vibration of vehicles;
  • Power off alarm, illegal line cutting alarm;
  • ACC Control fortification, ACC shuts down and goes into defensive state automatically;
  • Remote breaking oil and electricity, remote control vehicle start / stop;
  • Mileage statistics, real time cumulative mileage statistics;
  • Speed Alarm, Vehicle speed limit reminder;
  • Displacement alarm, trailers, car theft reminders;
  • Wide voltage range , 9-36VDC/31mA(12VDC), 19mA (24VDC);
  • Anti-detection, reduce the risk of demolition;
  • Three relocation, GPS/BDS/AGPS positioning faster and more accurate.

TG-201 vehicle tracker

Applicable areas: financial credit, car rental, enterprises and institutions, insurance claims, etc.

TG 302 3G vehicle tracker

TG-201 key features

  • Tracking and positioning
  • Vehicle status detection: ignition on/off
  • Power off reminder report.
  • Overspeed alarm reminder.
  • Oil detection support platform and SMS interruption of oil and electricity, oil through electricity function.
  • Blind spot transfer function terminal positioning and not online, storage data, up to 600. There is a normal signal upload on the line.
  • EPO auxiliary positioning function, enhances positioning effect.
  • When the change of the direction angle of the equipment is greater than a certain angle, a position data is uploaded immediately, and the trajectory is optimized.
  • Remote management
  • Low power consumption


Transcode Group MDVR series hardware products are a series of high-tech products with media playback functions, which are specially designed for urban transportation and transportation industry, integrating scheduling, management, monitoring, entertainment and advertising functions.

It uses an embedded processor and embedded operating system, combining the latest audio, video compression/decompression technology, network technology, GPS/BD positioning technology, 3G/4G communication technology in the IT field, enabling remote visual scheduling, data collection and playback analysis of the central database.

TG 302 3G vehicle tracker

TG 88HD key features

  • Product Name: 8CH  HDD AHD video recorder;
  • Product model: TG-88HD;
  • Industrial design, supporting local and remote updates;
  • Using GPS/ Beidou dual module;
  • Good waterproof, shockproof and anti-electromagnetic interference ability;
  • 7 inches Full HD TFT_LCD color screen (800*480);
  • Support 8 AHD (1280*720) video (H.264 compression);
  • In the case of unexpected power failure, it can still work for 6 seconds to ensure the integrity of the data;
  • Digital watermarking technology, prevent data tampering, guarantee the authenticity and validity of the video;
  • The hard disk system adopts the technology of hydraulic shock absorption, electronic protection and software abnormal recovery to ensure the data security;
  • Dynamic code rate coding is adopted to adapt the dynamic change of 3G/4G network bandwidth to ensure the intersecting of monitoring video.

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