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Trak Smart Fuel Cap Against Fuel Theft

20 April, 2022

Fuel theft is one of the biggest issues in heavy commercial vehicles (HCV). Fuel is becoming more and more vulnerable to thefts and peaking especially when fuel prices are in an increasing trend. Fuel theft can be both external and internal. External thefts make fleet managers and owners feel insecure as well as creating dangerous situations for drivers. In such cases stolen fuel is not the only problem but also the parts damaged by thieves and delays in transportation are other negative impacts on a fleet’s operations. Secondly, internal thefts are the most insidious type of thefts fleets can face because it is usually very difficult to be detected.That’s why internal thefts have a huge negative economical impact on fleets in the long term. 

A unique market research showed that, independent of whether it is external or internal, 82% of fuel thefts take place through fuel caps. To help fleet managers and vehicle owners solve this problem, Trak has a solution they call Smart Fuel Cap. Trak’s IoT based fuel security system gives accurate data on cap opening and closing times, durations, locations (when paired with a GPS tracker) as well as unauthorized access to fuel cap thanks to its innovative Rotatesense® feature.

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Main features of Trak Smart Fuel Cap

  • Plug and use: It communicates wirelessly with Bluetooth GPS tracking devices such as Teltonika. There is no cabling, no tank drilling, no calibration needed and it is easy to install just as a standard fuel cap. 
  • 24/7 security: in contrast with HCV CAN data which goes offline when the vehicles are parked, Trak Smart Fuel Cap is 24/7 active and protects your vehicle against potential fuel theft incidents.
  • Push notifications: by using GPS tracking platforms such as Wialon platform you can get instant notifications and alarms about smart fuel cap status.
  • Rotatesense®: if someone tampers and tries to have unauthorized access to the cap you will be notified immediately.
  • Security alarm system: as an optional feature you can adopt a security alarm system which can trigger both an in-cabin buzzer and an external siren at the same time.

If you can’t measure it you can’t improve it. Trak gives customers the opportunity to trace and measure their heavy commercial vehicles’ fuel cap metrics so that they can improve the fuel security by controlling their fuel tank the way they never did before.


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