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Traffic violations control and fuel consumption reduction

22 October, 2020

Galileosky units were installed on the truck fleet of the largest food distributor in the Volga Federal District. The implemented solution made it possible to halve the number of accidents and speed limit violations, as well as to reduce fuel consumption.

The project was implemented by the Redwood integrator company. Integrator specialists equipped the entire fleet for the customer, which has more than 1000 vehicles. It allows to monitor fuel consumption and vehicle speed even outside the GSM signal coverage area.

Project background

The company used to work with the simplest GPS units, they sent data of current truck location with a low accuracy. They needed a more modern and accurate monitoring system.

The Sweet Life Plus operates in Nizhny Novgorod, Samara, Moscow, Mordovia and Tatarstan. It has 4 modern warehouse complexes, own vehicle fleet and a well-developed food delivery system to retail outlets.


  • Speed control;
  • Fuel consumption monitoring;
  • Driving style control;
  • Seat belt fastening control;
  • Vehicle location control;
  • Tachograph operating mode control;
  • Capturing the arrival time into certain geofence (in stores for unloading or to the base for rest);
  • Liquid level control (fuel, antifreeze, oil);
  • Refrigerator temperature control;
  • Regular data transmission to the monitoring system.


It was a tough challenge to find a suitable device, as it had to be integrated with all standard vehicle sensors. Galileosky 7.0 GPS units are ideal for this purpose.

A significant role was played by Galileosky units as they can monitor fuel level without using submersible sensors. Moreover, the solution made it possible to connect tachographs and track their mode online. End customer can download data from tachographs and driver cards remotely, without bypassing the entire vehicle fleet and manual data removing.

“Driving style” function was activated as well. This is a special report in the monitoring system, which contains speed data, hard braking, sharp cornering, rapid acceleration. It allows to control the driving style of a particular driver and reduce the cost of depreciation and vehicle service. Engine rpm has also been added to "Driving style" in order to determine the dependence of fuel consumption and engine work modes.

All data from the sensors is sent to the unit, which transfers it to Wialon monitoring via GSM network.


Galileosky units help the customer to achieve the following results:

  • Reduce number of speed penalties (from cameras) by introducing own system of penalties for violating the speed limit.
  • Implement “Driving style” function with Galileosky 7.0 and Wialon server. Detect traffic violations by drivers which used to lead numerous accidents. After "Driving style" activation accidents were reduced by almost 2 times.
  • Reduce fuel consumption. Before "Driving style" introduction, light truck fuel consumption was 15-16 liters per 100 km, after – 11L \100 km; Scania’s (methane fuel) – 40-42 cubic meters per 100 km, after implementation – 35-37 cubic meters. 100 km.



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