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TOPFLYtech LTE & GSM Portable tracker TLP1-P

16 April, 2020

TOPFLYtech LTE & GSM Portable tracker TLP1-P is designed for personal tracking. What makes it unique is the long-life battery which is capable to last for months. It is also well known for its rugged construction in the cases of unaware drop down. More importantly, the outstanding “Scheduled timing report” function is benefit to save energy. It enables you to preset different reporting intervals when the tracker is in motion, motionless, turning directions and distancing.

Main features

Main features

  • Compact size & Easily Hidden

TLP1-P tracker’s compact sizing allows easy carrying. Simply place a tracker into the bag or pocket.

  • SOS Button

This function is your best security guard when emergency happens.

  • Long-life rechargeable battery

At 1- minute report interval
2- hour active tracking/day, up to 35 days’ battery life.
1- hour active tracking/day, up to 45 days’ battery life
45- minute active tracking/day, up to 60 days’ battery life.

Application scenarios

  • Kids/the old left alone in the house.
  • Hidden in cars
  • Lone workers and extreme sport athletes, such as mountain biking, hiking.
  • Tracking luggage and parcels at airport when traveling.
  • Life stock

If you have customers are in such a need, do not hesitate to contact the manufacturer.


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