The New Choice for Asset Tracking: JM-LL01 LTE Cat M1/NB2 GNSS Asset Tracker

8 April, 2020

Jimi is excited to announce the release of our all-new LTE Cat M1/NB2 Asset Tracking Solution, the JM-LL01!

Global Connectivity: LTE Cat-M1/NB-IoT 

The rugged, IP65 tested JM-LL01 is a super-smart, battery-powered, wireless tracking device specifically designed for asset tracking in tough conditions. 

Global Connectivity: LTE Cat-M1/NB-IoT 

The JM-LL01 asset tracker leverages the latest Low Power Wide Area (LPWA) cellular technology, which allows IoT devices to achieve extended coverage while maintaining simplicity of design. Supporting multiple frequency bands, this device is designed for global roaming. Its highly reliable LTE connection, seamless handoffs, and low latency processor ensure that the device never loses its connection with the cloud or tracking platform. 

Unprecedented Battery Life

With internal 10,000mAh battery, the JM-LL01 delivers exceptional battery life: up to 3 years at 1 location per day. Its low power modes and data upload frequencies can be modified to verify overall battery life. All of this customizability allows for the JM-LL01 to greatly improve operational efficiency while reducing resource waste.

Easy Setup and Installation

There’s no need to invest in infrastructure or software, and you won’t be burdened with new, complex processes. Unboxing and initial activation takes approximately 5 minutes. Once your account is setup, simply attach the unit and begin tracking via our online portal. All the configuration can be done through Jimi configurator (Bluetooth), SMS or APP/Web platform.

Tamper Alert for Anti-Theft

Once attached with the strong magnet, the JM-LL01’s tamper alert will notify you immediately should the device be removed from the asset, giving you constant peace of mind that your assets are protected. 

Applications Include:

Built to withstand the elements, the rugged JM-LL01 tracking terminal can be attached to containers, trailers, heavy equipment and other large, movable assets.

  • Fleet Management
  • Run Hour Monitoring
  • Remote Immobilization and Operator Management

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