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A joint Teltonika Telematics and Teltonika Mobility security solution

20 May, 2022

Teltonika Telematics and Teltonika Mobility are launching a vehicle double security solution with 2G GPS trackers. It includes two separate devices – the autonomous asset tracker TAT100 and any other Teltonika Telematics wired vehicle tracker of your choice with wireless Bluetooth LE connectivity.

Two trackers – double security

As the car leasing industry is booming, so are car-related crimes becoming more frequent. This poses a challenge – how to confuse car thieves and make it so that car theft becomes a less attractive pursuit for them.

This challenge can be tackled by installing not one, but two separate GPS trackers powered from different sources – one is wired from the car battery and one has a high-capacity internal battery. This comes as an unexpected obstacle for the car thieves, disrupting their whole sinister operation. Because the more cunning criminals usually suspect that a tracking device may be installed in a vehicle, they often look for it to disrupt it one way or another.

But here is a catch – if such a thing would happen and an auto thief would be successful in his/her act, then a second one, the autonomous asset tracker, would wake up from its sleep mode and send data to a dedicated server signalling that the first tracker was compromised and the car is in danger of being stolen.

a joint teltonika telematics and teltonika mobility security solution 1

Two GPS trackers - a unique set of features

FMC130 is a compact ADVANCED series device with 4G (LTE Cat 1) network coverage including 3G (UMTS), 2G (GSM) fallback compatibility. Handily, the model supports a variety of CAN bus adapters, 1-wire RFID readers, etc. to help protect fleet assets. Even more, it has usage scenarios, such as GSM signal jamming detection, towing detection, unplug detection, auto geofence and immobilizer scenarios allowing to initiate preventive actions, for instance triggering a car alarm system, blocking its starter or locking all vehicle doors.

TAT100 (2G) is a tracking solution from Teltonika Mobility with a robust, practical and water-resistant IP68-rated casing that, combined with different mounting accessories, is particularly easy to install. The model comes with different mounting options helping to hide it, extremely low self-discharge 2,200 mAh capacity battery which could send up to 1,000 records, as it was developed with a low power Bluetooth chipset. TAT100 is ideal for tracking valuable goods, tools, construction equipment, containers and many other non-powered valuable assets.



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