Teltonika Certified Products for Japan and Australia

3 June, 2020

Japan and Australia are two of the strongest countries in the Pacific region, according to Worldbank. Australia’s GDP in 2018 exceeded 57 000 USD per capita, while Japan was near to 40 000 USD, which means that their economies are well developed and sustainable. This is very important for Teltonika Networks, since we are continually expanding our operations into new markets & regions. However, every country has its own rules and policies for importing and using electronic and telecommunication devices, so do Australia and Japan. Both of them have their certification requirements. Without appropriate certificates, companies are not allowed to sell products to these countries. Because of this, Teltonika Networks has successfully certified a part of our product portfolio with GITEKI and RCM certifications. You can check all products certifications right here.

Japan Giteki Certification

Japan – a country called the land of the rising sun, which can raise many questions, like, why is it called so? Why is it so important? However, there’s a simple explanation that originally in Japanese, Japan is called Nihon (日本), which means “sun origin” and translating that to English; people tend to call Japan – a land of the rising sun. For us, Teltonika Networks, it’s the land with massive potential in IoT, M2M, industrial connectivity segment. For this reason, we have translated our web to the Japanese language, and certified our best sellers – RUT240, RUT950, and RUT955 with GITEKI certification. Now, together with current and future partners, Teltonika is ready to provide Japan with some of the most valuable industrial and professional connectivity solutions from its extensive product portfolio.

Australia RCM certification

Another achievement by Teltonika Networks is obtaining Australian certification, which is called RCM – The regulatory compliance mark. Without it, it would be impossible to use Teltonika products legally in this market. So what they did? Teltonika took all their best-selling products, and the products that they think are the most suitable for this market and were successfully awarded the RCM certification. These products include – TRB1xx series LTE gateways and industrial cellular routers RUT240, RUT950, RUT955, RUTX09, and RUTX11. We can see that Australia is a clear market leader in the region when it comes to demand for IoT industrial cellular gateways and routers. Teltonika strongly believes that with the help of its partners and efforts, they will make an even more significant impact on the Australian market and the pace of adoption of IoT solutions.

A word from Daumantas Ivanauskas

You might have already seen Head of Asian region sales development of Teltonika Networks insights about Indonesian certification Postel, but now, read these thoughts about Australia and Japan.

“It took me only one trip to Australia and Japan to fall in love with these countries. Although being utterly different culture-wise, these two countries have something in common – that is, they strive to achieve results and strict planning with high-end supervision of the progress. Australia might seem a bit more laid back on the outside, but when it comes to business is mandatory to follow the rules of engagement. Yes, I am referring to certification. Indeed both countries – Japan and Australia are incredibly keen on following this exact process of allowing manufacturers to introduce their products to the market.

It took my team more than six months to complete documentation with different test reports to prove that indeed Teltonika is a high-end and trustworthy partner who produces networking products that can prove themselves in a most challenging environment.

Successful certification allows our company to showcase the IoT solution and bring so much value in this Global market. I genuinely believe that additional competition brings harmony to the market, and the customer has a chance to choose. Indeed the freedom of choice is the greatest value there is.

We enter these two biggest markets with a humble attitude, as we are only guests ready to prove our willingness to go the extra mile with the client and help our partners grow by solving the most sophisticated tasks. Teltonika – Easy Key to IoT is our slogan, which depicts the philosophy of our products.”



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