Technoton presents Power Timer

22 November, 2016

Technoton presents new useful addition for telematics system power management.

Power timer PT-01 allows 24/7 data gathering from elements of vehicle telematics system: terminal unit, fuel level sensors, axle load sensors and other devices. Monitor parameters of your vehicle with ease whenever you need.

How it works?

Fuel level monitoring with power timer

For example, a user can get information on fuel level and axle load of vehicle even when ignition is turned off. This operation mode also prevents vehicle battery from discharging.

When ignition is ON:

  • Telematics system units are power-supplied with 15 second delay after ignition is turned on.
  • Power supply is switched off with 90 second delay after ignition is turned off.

When ignition is OFF: Power supply of telematics system units from on-board electrical system is switched on for 90 seconds each 30 minutes.

Telematics system with power timer S6 PT-01


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