New Opportunities for Tacho Data Control in Wialon

3 January, 2018

By requests of our partners, for Teltonika FMB630, FM6320FM5300 we’ve implemented remote ddd-files download from driver’s card and tachograph internal memory to Wialon.

Also, we’ve improved Wialon commands: now you can download ddd-files automatically according to given schedule. The schedule is set in “Jobs” tool in Wialon.

For Teltonika FMB630, FM6320 and FM5300 we’ve implemented a separate command to download files for “over the last N-days”. For Ruptela Tco3 and Tco4 there is a separate tab, where you can specify time interval, for example “over the last 90 days”, to download tacho data.

The application TCA (Tacho Card Authorizing) has also undergone changes. The method of company card authorization has been improved. The card is authorized once; the authorization is valid until the card is inserted in the card reader.

Hope these updates will be helpful and make your work with tacho data much easier.


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