T711L: the Smallest Vehicle GPS Tracker by Meitrack

16 May, 2022

The T711L is a small-size GPS vehicle tracker that is very cost-effective in order to allow for smaller companies to compete with larger operations. Security is something that should be affordable for every business and it should not be something to be thought of twice. Meitrack engineered a robust GPS tracker which is loaded with a lot of features including optional Bluetooth and a water-resistant shell casing.

t711l1 1

The T711L can handle additional accessories such as the A53 fuel sensor by Meitrack. This fuel level sensor allows you to get an alert if the level of fuel suddenly drops. It is a very popular feature that helps to monitor fuel levels and as a tool to fight against fuel theft. If your transport requires refrigeration, also include a temperature sensor to monitor the constant temperature of your products. This can be set to alert you if the temperature drops or rises dramatically, or it can also give you an actual temperature reading directly to the platform.

On the improvements, the T711L can handle both a temperature and humidity sensor to give you even further insights into your cargo. Both the temperature and humidity sensors can be connected via Bluetooth to eliminate the need for additional wires and connections. This is a truly unique feature in a very economical GPS tracking device.

To secure your vehicle the T711L offers the ability to add a buzzer alarm to deter would-be thieves with a strong audible sound that can be heard from long distances. An iButton reader can be also added to create a kill switch that can prevent the ignition from starting if the driver/ operator does not have the iButton access.

As mentioned, the T711L is a GPS tracker packed with out-of-the-box features and can support additional ones to give your vehicles and business operation the upper hand over your competition.

Source: meitrtackusa.com


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