Scoop: All About Queclink 4G OBD Series

22 June, 2020

Queclink, a global leader in the telematics industry, has brought 4G OBD series tracking devices to the North American market. What is unique about the series? What are the main features? Can it read OBD data in a reliable manner? How can they be applied?

GV500MA vs. GV500MAP

Two models in this OBD series – GV500MA and GV500MAP. What’s the difference?

Both are plug and play with OBD II socket connectivity, but the one with the slightly longer name comes with more functions. The GV500MAP reads CAN bus data from vehicle ECU, while the GV500MA connects to OBD II for power only.

Main features

With the main difference in mind, here are the features shared by both GV500MA and GV500MAP.  

  • Plug and play with OBD-II socket connectivity
  • Supports LTE Cat M1/NB1 network on multiple bands for operation in North America
  • Accident data collection for reconstruction and analysis
  • Driving behavior monitoring
  • Scheduled timing report & power on report
  • Alerts for crash / motion / low power / geo-fence / OBD-II disconnection

And certification. Both GV500MA and GV500MAP are Verizon and AT&T certified – perfectly ready to bring value to North American customers. 

GV500MAP OBD data reading

Since the OBD II port was developed and gradually became a standard on vehicles, the market has been deluged with aftermarket gadgets that connect to the port.

But among all those, you want to pick a reliable device that guarantees reliable ISO CAN Bus data reading. And you surely prefer a tracker that’s compatible with as many types of vehicles as possible. That’s where Queclink GV500MAP stands out!

With GV500MAP, OBD data such as fuel level, VIN, RPM, Diagnostic Trouble Codes and more are easily available. Discover it in numbers below.

  • Accurately obtains 13 types of CAN bus data from vehicle ECU
  • Successfully field tested on over 140 types of vehicles, covering almost all main manufacturers in the North American market
  • Supports almost all vehicles manufactured after 2008 in North America

Behind-scene story

Queclink is able to offer the high-performance OBD tracker, because there have been tremendous efforts put in its development, as well as its field tests.

Months ago a team of Queclink engineers gathered in the United States to test the OBD reading capability of GV500MAP on different vehicle types in the North American market.

R&D engineers from the Headquarters and local FAE worked closely with Queclink’s partner in US. Working around the clock, they completed testing on hundreds of vehicle types – all turned out to be perfectly compatible with Queclink GV500MAP!

Queclink 4G OBD series is a perfect solution for rentals and insurance for passenger and utility vehicles, as well as lot management.

If you’ve already got your GV500MAP, here is a video guide to finish your OBD protocol synchronization. Ready to track and monitor your vehicle? You are one step away from peace of mind. 



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