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How can the safety of the cargo and the driver’s life and health be ensured without additional peripheral devices?

22 September, 2022

How can the safety of the cargo and the driver’s life and health be ensured without additional peripheral devices? Unleash the possibilities of your tracking device! This article describes how to develop telematics projects without expanding your fleet with new devices and make money by extending the systems’ functionality.

The question of how to build a telematics system as effectively as possible and offer customers the best value is particularly relevant now. With Galileosky devices you can create new solutions by extending the system functionality using already installed equipment. Safety while developing high-performance technological solutions is not just a trend, but a necessity, which, in fact, all global manufacturers strive for. What if you are the owner of a large vehicle fleet, with dozens of trucks and tons of valuable cargo under your responsibility? Let us tell you what technological features of Galileosky devices you should pay attention to when extending the functionality of your projects or developing new systems.

Easy Logic - expand the capabilities of your tracking device with a no-code solution

Easy Logic is the technology for configuring the Galileosky tracking devices using a graphical programming language. Easy Logic makes it easy to set up the logic of the Galileosky tracking device and other connected devices, as well as to set up any reactions to events.

For example, block the engine automatically in case of theft attempts, maintain the temperature and humidity level in the refrigerator or switch on the irrigation system at a set time or according to the sensors. This does not require additional products. It is enough to use Easy Logic to configure the Galileosky equipment and the connected devices.

Example of a two-component security system: Galileosky tracker and the Easy Logic technology

With the help of the Galileosky technologies it is possible to set up customized driver identification scenarios, which will be carried out "on board" Galileosky even in cases where there is no GSM signal.

  • The driver identification scenario can be set in Easy Logic. For example: If the driver was not identified by the system, the engine of the vehicle will not start. Employee identification can be configured via the tracking device, without a server.
  • It is not necessary to use the card or fingerprint readers. With Easy Logic it is possible to set up an algorithm so that when the driver gets close to the car, the tracking device will read the MAC address of the smartphone via Bluetooth and unlock the car.
  • Data collection and storage in the tracking device internal memory is also configured with Easy Logic.

Hamed Kazemi, Galileosky Business Development Manager:

«There are a lot of cut-and-dried security solutions on the market. Almost all of them are familiar to intruders. But you can create a unique security system with a custom operating scenario that no intruder will know about, and it means that such a system is more reliable. You do not need to buy any expensive peripherals for this purpose. All you need is a specialist who knows how to work with the Easy Logic algorithms. And that is what we teach for free at Galileosky! With more knowledge, you can transform the tracking device into a unique solution, and expand its capabilities in any way you want, while using the minimum of devices»

Easy Logic for taxis, carsharing and corporate vehicles

The Easy Logic algorithms allow to control the vehicle driving style to improve the driving safety, reduce the fuel consumption and the component wear and tear.

  • With Easy Logic any aggressive driving alert scenarios can be set up and this information can be sent to the monitoring software. In case of aggressive driving, the Easy Logic algorithms can be used to set the engine ignition to turn off (only at low speed to avoid an accident).
  • The Easy Logic algorithm works independently from both GSM and satellite signals. If there is no GSM signal for a long time, the algorithm can automatically shut down the engine. The speed data is transmitted by the CAN bus. The driving behavior is monitored by the internal accelerometer. Both systems work independently from the network signals and collect data via Easy Logic. This technological stack helps to secure the vehicle against being stolen.
  • Different rate zones and speed limits can also be set up with geofences in Easy Logic.

Easy Logic is a technology in telematics that allows you to quickly set up the logic of the equipment and ensure the safety of the driver and cargo. Master it in the near future to develop your customers' telematics systems and create new projects.



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