Ruptela releases new installation harnesses for trackers

19 December, 2018

Ruptela released a new line of accessories – installation harnesses! 5 new types of harnesses will make GPS tracker installation faster, easier and more professional. New harnesses are very easy to use – simply plug one end to the tracker and other to the connector in the vehicle.

Harness types

5 harness types are designed for the most popular GPS tracker installation scenarios.

  • Power harness. Connects via fuse box for increased safety.

Harness types

  • FMS harness. Connects via FMS connector. Can receive CANbus and tachograph data.

Harness types

  • Tacho harness. Connects FM-Tco4 HCV to the tachograph unit.

Harness types

  • OBD2 harness. Connects via OBD2 connector. Can receive CANbus data. Connection via OBD2 can be used also as a power source.

Harness types

  • 9-Pin harness.  Connects via 9-Pin connector. Can receive CANbus data (J1708, J1939).

Harness types

50% faster installation

Ruptela tests show, that an experienced installer can reduce installation time by half with new installation harnesses! And for less skilled installers they help to save up to 50% of installation time.

Installation tutorials

Watch a video tutorial and see how GPS trackers are installed using the new harnesses from Ruptela.

More information about new harnesses available at the manufacturer's website.


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