Queclink’s GV56 Series Now Support Escort’s Fuel Level Sensors

25 October, 2019

Here comes a good news for customers – Queclink’s new tracking devices GV56 and GV56RS now support two main models of fuel level sensors manufactured by Escort, a major manufacturer of measuring tools headquartered in Russia.

Queclink’s GV56 and GV56RS are two of Queclink’s most cost effective tracking devices designed for a wide variety of light-duty tracking applications in the GSM network. Both devices feature multiple interfaces and Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) connectivity.

Now the built-in BLE antenna not only supports data and voice transmission, but also enables the devices to easily connect to Escort’s wireless fuel level sensor TD-BLE – saving customers lots of time and costs of installation.

Queclink’s GV56RS, with the half duplex RS485 serial port, stands out as a powerful tracking device especially fit for the Russian and CIS market. This model offers customers more options in terms of fuel level measurement and management – not only the above-mentioned TD-BLE, but also Escort’s TD-500 with wires connecting to the RS485 interface, as well as other fuel level sensors which support LLS protocol.

Source: queclink.com


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