Queclink’s first LoRa integrated tracking model

23 July, 2021

The GL52LP is Queclink’s first LoRa integrated tracking model, Anatel & Everynet approved and ideal for asset management.

Thanks to its low transmission power and long transmission range, LoRa technology works perfect in asset tracking applications. Another key benefit of LoRa technology is that it is resistance to interference, specifically from jamming devices widely used by thieves.

Queclink’s GL52LP can achieve a battery life up to 4 years without the need to recharge or replace. It facilities the visibility and transparency into enterprises’ assets, protecting customers from unexpected losses and downtime.

Following the first Sigfox integrated GL52S, the GL52LP is another inspiring example of Queclink’s commitment to invest in emerging new LPWA technologies, combining GNSS technology and LoRa technology.

“Our future growth relies on our ability to continually innovate and be at the forefront of market trends – and our engineers fully embrace this responsibility. They are committed to continuously growing our product portfolio and listening to market feedback to make our smart devices even smarter,” said Alejandro Patino Zuluaga, the Vice President of Global Sales at Queclink.

Source: queclink.com


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