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One million GPS trackers manufactured by Ruptela

8 July, 2019

In Spring of 2019, Ruptela built the one millionth GPS tracking device.

With 1+ million GPS trackers manufactured, Ruptela is confidently becoming one of the top choices for GPS tracking devices. The one-millionth tracker went to a long-time partner Autogear from Norway (read the full story of Autogear here).

Currently, Ruptela manufactures 7 types of GPS tracking devices that are available in 14 versions, all of them are integrated with Wialon:

  • FM-Tco4 HCV (FM-Tco4 HCV 3G)
  • FM-Tco4 LCV (FM-Tco4 LCV 3G)
  • FM-Pro4 (FM-Pro4 3G)
  • FM-Eco4+ S (FM-Eco4+ E S)
  • FM-Eco4 light S (FM-Eco4 light+ S)
  • FM-Plug4 (FM-Plug4+)
  • FM-Eco4 light 3G (FM-Eco4 light+ 3G)

Ruptela offers GPS trackers for any type of fleet – for trucks, cars, van, buses, building and agriculture machinery, light commercial vehicles, etc.

Company also manufactures a fuel level sensor and a series of accessories & peripherals for additional features and easier tracker installation.

Ruptela GPS tracking hardware facts & statistics:

  • ~245 000 GPS trackers manufactured in 2018, 
  • ~350 000 GPS trackers planned for 2019
  • ~500 000 GPS trackers planned for 2020
  • 5+ years GPS tracker lifetime
  • 99.9% GPS tracker quality rate
  • Firmware and hardware developed by Ruptela

More information about Ruptela GPS tracking devices is available at the manufacturer's website.


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