New MINI-CAN reader by Teltonika

16 August, 2019

Teltonika announces the new generation contactless reader MINI-CAN! This reader can be used in combination with LV-CAN200, ALL-CAN300, FMB640. MINI-CAN keeps the same functions as its older brother SIMPLE-CAN, but at the same time he supports auto detection of CAN high and CAN low, moreover he supports auto baud-rate adjustment, so you don’t need to do additional configuration.

Key features:

Key features:

  • MINI-CAN reads vehicles CAN lines and adjusts configuration automatically to particular vehicles can speeds to ensure accurate data readings ;
  • MINI-CAN automatically sets CAN high, CAN low polarity. It simplifies installation and minimizes connection mistakes;
  • MINI-CAN is two times smaller that it’s predecessor SIMPLE-CAN. Perfect for installation in limited space solutions.

Secure CAN-bus reading

MINI-CAN reader helps to keep warranty of the car, you don’t need to cut the wires to read the data. MINI -CAN works in ‘’listen only’’ mode, so does not affect CAN line.



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