New integration of Technoton and FALCOM makes fuel monitoring easier

30 May, 2019

FALCOM's technical experts have carried out integration and testing of S7 Technology, Technoton's wireless data transfer technology for vehicle and industrial telematics.

The FALCOM FOX3-3G-BLE telematics unit is now able to receive data via Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) from the following devices:

  • DUT-E S7 fuel level sensors
  • DFM S7 fuel flow meters
  • GNOM DDE S7 axle load sensor

This integration marks an important step forward in sensor installation, since it no longer requires cabling, signal or power. Data in the S7 network is sent to the FOX3-3G-BLE over Bluetooth 4.X (low power consumption standard) and the sensors themselves are powered by built-in batteries.

Raw data from the sensors is processed by FOX3-3G-BLE, thanks to the Lua scripting language integrated in the device and transferred at regular intervals or via predefined event types together with GNSS positions and other related data to the Wialon server via a 2G/3G wireless network using best signal, multi-network SIM cards from Pod Group. This allows transport companies and users to view the localization of vehicles on maps, drivers’ fuel economy style and the associated fuel consumption.

The compatibility of FALCOM’s FOX3-3G-BLE and Technoton’s S7 Technology makes installation of fuel and axle monitoring equipment easier and quicker for telematics system integrators.

If you would like to learn more about this integration, experience a live-demonstration and meet us in person, visit us at the Transport Logistic trade fair in hall A3, stand 618 from 4th - 7th June 2019 at the Exhibition Grounds, Munich, Germany.


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