Howen New Generation AI Dashcam in Wialon Platform

12 April, 2022

Howen Technologies, an innovative pioneer and leading supplier in video-telematics, has officially released a new-generation All-in-One AI Dashcam (Hero-ME40-02 V3). Being integrated with Wialon Platform, this new model embeds the advanced video monitoring, telematics management, and most-demanded AI features, e.g. DMS, ADAS, Face recognition etc., into a single unit.

By deploying the new Howen AI Dashcam (integrated with Wialon Platform), you can get:

  • Seamless and Ready-to-use integration of all features with Wialon Platform, thanks to Howen’s unified H-protocol. You can instantly enjoy the hardware features and software user-experience at once.
  • Refined telematics monitoring: tracking, alarm, vehicle status, geofence, etc.
  • Live and retrievable video management: max. 3 channel FHD (2 x 1080p + 1 x 720p) live video & audio streaming, playback and video download.
  • AI alarms: built-in video computing based on cutting- edge Artificial Intelligence algorithm, and instant event-based video/snapshot uploaded to Wialon platform.
  • Audible coaching on premises: Effective driver coaching, risk mitigation and accident prevention.

More advanced and customizable features are waiting for you to discover by testing samples.

dashcam me40 04 v3 2 1

Howen AI dashcam stands out among counterparts:

  • A genuine All-in-one device: 4G, Wi-Fi, GPS, 3ch Video, DMS, ADAS, Face recognition, etc. all embedded in one device which fits all types of vehicles.
  • Highly durable: heat-sink design; Power-failover video saving; Sleep mode with ultra low power consumption, etc.
  • Intuitive implementation: quick and easy installation, low R&M cost, with OBD power connection to skip complex wiring work
  • Brand New Design: Compact, ruggedized structure for most demanding tasks and environment

Please contact Gurtam or Howen team for more info and sample units. And check out Howen Technologies website.


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