New generation of the Eurosens Difference onboard weighing system from Mechatronics

29 June, 2021

The Eurosens Difference onboard weighing system, based on the new intelligent Eurosens axle load sensors, has become more compact and received new functions.

We got rid of the intermediate Difference-T controllers: all their functionality has now been transferred directly to sensors with an integrated processor and a digital RS485 bus. This became possible thanks to the development of axle load sensors from scratch.

Each of the sensors is able to convert the sensor signal into kilograms of axle load, and also stores the geometric parameters of the car and trailer. The axle load can be transferred directly to the GPS tracker via RS485 / CAN interfaces.

The built-in microcontroller also provides improved data filtering over simple analogue output sensors.

To transmit information from the trailer sensors, either a special coiled cable or a Eurosens Datalink radio bridge (only for RS485 bus) can be used.

What is the difference between the Eurosens Difference Onboard Weighing System and a set of sensors?
From a hardware point of view, the system additionally has an on-board driver display.

The need to display the weight of the transported cargo requires all calculations to be done onboard. Therefore, the on-board weighing system Eurosens Difference differs from the set of Eurosens sensors in the following functions:

  • The sensors in the memory contain information about the car and the trailer (dimensions, number of axles, distance between axles) and a map of the installation of axle load sensors.
  • When connecting another trailer, also equipped with axle load sensors, the parameters of the tractor-trailer system (dimensions, distances, sensor calibration) are automatically updated in all sensors. Thus, changing the trailer does not lead to incorrect calculations of the total weight of the road train and the weight of the load.
  • All information is displayed to the driver.
  • In addition to axle loads, the GPS tracker also receives the total weight of the vehicle, trailer and cargo weight already calculated.

Thus, a set of individual Eurosens axle load sensors turns into an on-board weighing system only by adding Eurosens Display RS and this is necessary in the following cases:

  • It is necessary to display axle loads / vehicle and cargo weights to the driver
  • It is necessary to automatically support “on the fly” trailer change without any additional steps to change the system settings / calibrations.

At the same time, you can retrofit the on-board kit with a display at any time, since the Eurosens DDS / DPS / DSS sensors themselves are no different from the serial ones.


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