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New axle load sensors with RS485/CAN bus interfaces Eurosens DPS/DDS

24 April, 2020

New axle load sensors Eurosens DDS (for spring suspension) and Eurosens DPS (for air suspension)  from Mechatronics now have an integrated microprocessor and digital RS485 and CAN interfaces, compatible with popular GPS trackers (Teltonika, Xirgo, Navteletom and others).


Compared to previously used axle load sensors with an analog output, it has a number of advantages:

  • Sensor has a memory for calibration tables and provides output directly in kilograms.
  • Three independent calibration tables are supported. This is important in case if one air suspension circuit holds several axles. Single pressure value means different axial loads. One Eurosens DPS sensor will provide three load values , one for each axle.
  • Improved resolution and loseless data transmission increase the accuracy of the system.
  • The integrated microprocessor improves the quality of the data being sent in GPS tracker.

More details are available at the manufacturer's website.


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