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Need a modern video surveillance system for transport? Use digital IP cameras

10 August, 2018

NEOTECH is one of the few companies that produce video surveillance equipment in transport with the support of the latest digital IP cameras.

In many areas of life, analog technology has long proved its weakness compared to digital equipment. This is appeared in the quality of the result, the scalability of functions, the size of the equipment and much more.

Similarly, the use of digital IP cameras, unlike analog cameras, has a number of well-known advantages: Improved picture quality with higher resolution (digital cameras have a resolution of 1Mp to 40Mp or more);

  • wide viewing angle (from 90 to 360 degrees for panoramic cameras);
  • multiple data streams (for recording and broadcasting);
  • flexible adjustment of signal quality and data size (e.g., for video with a resolution of 1920x1080px, you can adjust the file size from 5 to 50 MB per minute);
  • the ability to transfer power and signal over a same cable (POE technology);
  • the ability to transfer audio in one stream with video (built-in microphone), etc.

By the way, using the built-in microphone, you can listen to cabin, van or street situation outside the vehicle while watching the video in ONLINE mode. This function is also fully supported in the Wialon system by its own player.

MDVR NEO makes it possible to use almost any modern IP camera, regardless of the manufacturer or technical specifications. The quality and functions of media data are determined only by the capabilities of the connected digital IP cameras, because the NEO does not make any changes to the signal quality, but only controls the streams from the cameras.

Also for online video recorders NEO there is no concept of "channeling". To a single unit, you can connect 1 or 5, or 8, or 12 cameras at the same time (tested). It is limited only by the general size of bitrate. At the moment, NEOTECH is testing wireless WiFi cameras and digital IP cameras with the h265 compression standard.


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