MTB100 – a new track&trace device!

17 June, 2019

Teltonika has already entered markets where functionality is capped at minimal requirements and price is most important factor. It can proudly say that company's first step by conquering those markets was successful and numbers of sold EASY devices confirms it. However Teltonika still sees a high number of sold units by other manufacturers, but this is not a problem it’s opportunity! Therefore Teltonika makes next step to increase device portfolio for this particular market needs.

The company has used all its experience and know-how in design and manufacturing to produce new low cost device – MTB100. Teltonika MTB100 is smart tracker with Bluetooth connectivity, internal High Gain GNSS and GSM antennas and integrated backup battery. MTB100 is designed for light vehicles and motorbike tracking in applications like rental cars, recovery of stolen cars, public safety services, delivery transport, taxi and much more. Input/output extend device usage scenarios. Digital input can be used for ignition, door or alarm button status monitoring. Vehicle remote immobilizing may be achieved using MTB100 digital output.

  • First fully automated manufacturing process allows to produce massive quantities much faster.
  • The new and more aggressive pricing is the result of careful electronic component selection.
  • Shorter leading times will speed up the whole process from purchase to integration.
  • MTB100 is based on the FMB platform.


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