MiniTrack: Compact, Waterproof, Cost-Effective Tracker with BLE

15 June, 2020

The MiniTrack is Cellocator’s cost-effective entry-level track & trace fleet management unit.  It’s a compact device, equipped with a rechargeable backup battery and rugged IP67 enclosure for outdoor durability and long operating life. 

The MiniTrack features 2 multi-color LEDs for GSM/GPS signal indication, a molded 10 wire harness to ensure a quick and easy installation in addition to five digital IOs and a mobile app for driver identification. iDrive, Cellocator’s driver identification app, enables communication with the MiniTrack device, and allows control of the vehicle immobilizer using a smartphone BLE interface.

The MiniTrack is an ideal solution for a wide range of market segments, including private and commercial vehicles as well as motorcycles and electric bikes.

Vehicle Fleets consisting of 2 or 3-Wheeled Vehicles (motorcycles/bikes/scooters)

The MiniTrack is a compact solution, ideal for companies operating fleets of 2 or 3-wheeled vehicles thanks to its movement detection capabilities, small size, easy installation and IP67 compliance. The MiniTrack provides quality, low-cost monitoring for virtually any type of smaller vehicle fleet, including security and location alerts.

Insurance Companies Specializing in Private Vehicles

Insurance companies can offer the MiniTrack as an add-on for their customers - primarily for usage-based insurance (UBI) and "pay as you drive (PAYD)" plans - by identifying the driver using the iDrive application. This can be especially relevant for customers with young drivers named in their policy.

Mass Market Track & Trace

The MiniTrack is a perfect fit for the mass market (fleet management companies, insurance companies, cellular carriers, etc.), where large numbers of telematics devices need to be integrated with a simple, cost-effective and easy to install track and trace device with BLE connectivity.

Extra Security Device

The MiniTrack can also be used as a cost-effective secondary security device in the vehicle. For example, if the main fleet device has been harmed during a car theft attempt (and the SIM or main/backup battery are taken out), the MiniTrack device will start working instead of the main device.

iDrive App

  • iDrive is Cellocator’s driver identification app, enabling communication with the MiniTrack device, and allowing control of the vehicle immobilizer using a smartphone BLE interface.
  • Three levels of identification are required: Company ID, the vehicle’s license plate number, and the private Driver ID code. 
  • The iDrive app is an offline app which doesn’t require any server-side communication.

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