Meitrack First Bluetooth Vehicle GPS Tracker T399 Series

30 December, 2020

After upgrading the wireless Bluetooth technology for the vehicle GPS tracker, Meitrack has officially announced its first Bluetooth vehicle GPS tracker T399 Series to offer a comprehensive but efficient fleet management solution.

The T399 Series support Bluetooth beacons, working with Bluetooth temperature and humidity sensors to improve fleet management efficiency. During the vehicle transportation, fleet managers can obtain accurate location of vehicles, simultaneously control the real-time temperature and humidity of the transported items. When the temperature and humidity exceed the preset value, an alert will be pushed to fleet managers, which ensure the goods are in the best condition during transportation.

In the meanwhile, T399 Series escort for safe delivery, supporting the detection of driving behavior. Fleet managers can minimize the damage by presetting events such as fatigue driving, engine idling and sharp turns etc., once the dangerous events happened, the device will automatically make alerts.

Featured highlights of the T399 Series:

  1. Bluetooth communication
  2. Flexible configurable I/O
  3. IP67 water resistant
  4. Driving behavior analysis



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