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JOINTECH Intelligent Hardware Series of Container&Trailer Transportation Monitoring Management

5 December, 2017

Jointech has developed JT700 series container&trailer intelligent hardware and sensors products according to different transportation scenarios, forms and management requirements:

  • Transport in a variety of forms: marine transport, rail transport, road transport;
  • Wide geographical span: cross-border transport and inland transport;
  • Different functionality of containers: dry box, refrigerated container transport and special containers.

The intelligent hardware includes three categories.

JT701, JT701T, JT702, JT705

Take transportation security of containers and van trucks as a point of concern, JT701, JT701T, JT702, JT705, the four models are intelligent hardware with function of seal/unseal of doors, which can provide real-time location, operation status and environment detection.

Main Features:

  • Real-time location updating;
  • Seal/unseal of containers with authorization;
  • Assets environment perception: temperature, humidity;
  • Assets status perception: transportation status, vibration intensity and so on.
  • Abnormal events alert:illegal unseal, temperature and humidity is beyond the set range, violent bumps and so on.

JT701, JT701T, JT702, JT705JT701, JT701T, JT702, JT705

JT701, JT701T, JT702, JT705

JT704, JT706

JT704, JT706, the two models are intelligent hardware with a point of concern for intercontinental maritime transportation or railway cross-border transportation with features of real-time locating, status detection, environmental information monitoring.

Main Features:

  • Real-time location updating;
  • Container doors open/close detection;
  • Container load status detection;
  • Container internal and external environment detection.

JT701, JT701T, JT702, JT705


JT703, the intelligent hardware with focus of trailer location, operation status and assets management.

Main Features:

  • Upload trailer location and operation status via GPRS/SMS;
  • Detect connection and separation status between trailer and tractor;
  • TPMS monitoring(Tire pressure and temperature);
  • Events notification: connection, disconnection, load, unload;
  • Intelligent power management(fix the problem of no power supply after disconnection between tractor and trailer).

JT701, JT701T, JT702, JT705


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