Jimi IoT 4G Cat.1 Asset GNSS Tracker JM-LL301

30 July, 2021

Jimi IoT is excited to announce the upcoming asset tracker, JM-LL301, the newly-upgraded member of AT4 series products, also the 4G GNSS tracking terminal based on LTE Cat.1 technology which provides a hardware solution for Logistics, Vehicle rental, and Fleet management.

Supporting a synergy of multiple positioning systems like GPS, BDS, LBS, and Wi-Fi positioning, JM-LL301 can realize the indoor&outdoor signal coverage and auto-upload the accurate location data, thus help users obtain the real-time status of vehicles.

Besides, JM-LL301 supports the LTE Cat.1 network, which takes the majority share of 4G in the mobile IoT connectivity, forming the main core of medium-rate IoT connectivity. And the device can also receive and transmit data in the coverage of 2G networks.

With a large 10,000mAh Li-polymer battery and three working modes for different applications, this device has a long standby time and working flexibility, which also allows users to configure working modes according to their actual demands. While the temperature/humidity sensor can detect and auto-upload the alerts of abnormal temperature/humidity, thus help prevent damage to cargo caused by the extreme environment.

Meanwhile, the JM-LL301 inherits some features of the previous generation, such as the remote listen-in, which supports an inconspicuous Mic for users to remotely get the sounds around the device, and instant alerts of typical events like the device removal, cover removal, vibration, lowbattery, etc.

Source: iconcox.com


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