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Internal Buzzer for Harsh Driving Events by TopflyTech

4 June, 2021

What would be a more efficient way to reduce driving event than getting alerts on managers’ tracking platform, it’s to work together with the internal buzzer in TOPFLYTech’s 4G OBDII tracker TLD2 series.

Harsh driving events include harsh accelerating, braking, turning, crash and speeding. The buzzer gives immediate warning to the driver by beeping right as harsh driving events happens to prevent it happening again. It could largely reduce consumption on fuel, tire, brake pad and life of vehicle to start with, more importantly it could prevent potential accidents which could cause vehicle down time and massive insurance bill. It’s a good way for driver training as they drive, without supervisor having to be prescience.

Buzzer working mode can be customised due to users’ needs, more specifically the the timing buzzer starts and stops working, duration and number of the beeping.

The TLD2 series has a basic tracking models and advanced model with CAN BUS reading. They both come with many useful features such as BLE for sensors, unplug alert, towing alert, etc.



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