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27 June, 2022

How the Cipia-FS10 video telematics and driver monitoring device for TSPs and fleets shifts safety and efficiency for Wialon partners

Cipia is a leading provider of computer vision and AI-based in-cabin sensing solutions for the automotive industry, enabling safer and smarter cars and fleets. The Cipia-FS10 is the company’s flagship aftermarket product, designed for telematics service providers (TSPs) and fleets. It detects the driver’s state in real-time by tracking visual attributes such as eye openness, blink rate, head pose, and other critical factors. This data is translated into actions, such as detection of driver fatigue, distraction, and phone use, to help fleet decision-makers ensure the safety of their drivers, vehicles, deliveries, and improve fleet efficiency. The Cipia-FS10 video telematics and driver monitoring device is now available on the Wialon platform, providing Wialon users with the access to this robust driver monitoring technology and functionality. 

Cipia’s integration with Wialon ensures that the Cipia-FS10 device is easily accessible to TSPs and fleets using the system. It offers straightforward integration for those looking to add a DMS (driver monitoring system) to their fleet and connect it to their existing platform and interface. Designed to provide reliable, real-time driver-facing alerts and in parallel dispatcher-level alerts, Cipia-FS10 is intelligent, customizable, and relevant to companies that wish to improve their fleet drivers’ safety and driver management efficiency. 

The Cipia-FS10 solution key benefits: 

  • Driver Monitoring to expand your portfolio and increase revenue opportunities. Driver-based data is invaluable to fleets. By adding DMS through the Cipia-FS10, an extra layer of data becomes available to your fleet customers which increases the capability for accurate real-time safety management and the accuracy of driver-level scoring. This creates new revenue opportunities for you by offering the fleet an option to leverage this new layer of data beyond your current telematics offering.

The following features are available with the Cipia-FS10:

  1. Detection of driver fatigue.
  2. Detection of driver distraction to enable real-time alerts to the driver and tailored alerts to fleet manager /dispatcher.
  3. Driver recognition – for pre-enrolled drivers. This allows for the system to alert if an unauthorized driver enters the vehicle, provides high-level FMS driver ID, workforce management, and driver scoring/training. 
  4. Detection of phone use while driving.
  5. Detection of smoking.
  6. Detection of seatbelt wearing.
  • Direct access and seamless integration with Wialon. As Cipia-FS10 is now available on the Wialon platform it offers you a fast and straightforward integration and evaluation of DMS capabilities via the platform and the fleet management system already in use.
  • Transformative visibility. The Cipia-FS10 communicates directly with the Wialon platform using an LTE channel, which means that it can upload alerts, images, and video clips to the server in real-time. This provides fleet managers and dispatchers with immediate and relevant visibility into vehicle/driver level events. This changes how your fleet’s operations can engage with your drivers, vehicles, and customers.
  • Instant engagement. The Cipia-FS10 detects the driver action/event in real-time and alerts the driver immediately, in parallel it enables the Wialon platform to trigger dispatcher-level alerts and bring them to the relevant person’s attention. For example, if there are several drowsiness alerts connected to a specific driver within a specified timeframe this can be set to trigger an alert to the dispatcher who will then contact the driver and assess the situation. The system also has basic tracking enabled to provide insight into speed, heading, trip identity, and more. You can also access live video footage from the triggered alert and set sensors that are connected to specific types of footage to truly customize your experience. 
  • State-of-the-art technology. Cipia is a market leader in innovation and automotive in-cabin sensing technology. The technology that drives the Cipia-FS10 is based on more than a decade of research and development alongside extensive testing and validation processes. It provides a robust driver monitoring solution that minimizes false alerts and increases reliability for drivers and fleet managers. 
  • Trusted provider, trusted technology. Cipia is considered one of the top providers of driver monitoring systems (DMS) globally. Well-known OEMs in the automotive industry selected Cipia to be their DMS provider and they require the highest level of technology robustness, service, and support. 

The Cipia-FS10 solution is seamless and smart, and its integration with Wialon makes it accessible and straightforward to use and integrate. With Cipia-FS10 and Wialon on your team, you can skillfully manage challenges around driver alerts, tailored fleet management/dispatcher-level alerts, increase business opportunities and so much more.

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