Howen MDVR Update New Features in Wialon

29 October, 2019

Howen has been one of the earliest companies that integrated and applied video telematics devices in Wialon. Howen’s full range of MDVRs are supported in Wialon, with full features of tracking, alarms and, most importantly, video/pictures, providing the most comprehensive safety and security services for Wialon users around the world.

Regarding the video-related functionalities, now Wialon users can use two new features to MANUALLY or AUTOMATICALLY download videos from Howen MDVRs to Wialon.

Download event video

Once the alarms is generated, Wialon can grab the video clips. The time and video length is based on the precise timestamp of alarm and pre and post duration which are flexibly configured by Wialon.

Download file by name

When MDVR is triggered alarm, it will also generated a video clip or snapshots. Then Wialon and retrieve and download by the files names.  

These enable more Precisely-Timed video downloading, saving the data and time for downloading, and targeting the most critical evident for event.

Download event video

Download event video

So, multiple features are available for Howen MDVRs in Wialon now:

  • Live streaming video
  • Record live video
  • Snapshot (Query photos)
  • Download historical video
  • Download event video
  • Download file by name

And all these features can be AUTOMATICALLY executed by triggering of Wialon notifications, to streamline you video business workflow in Wialon.

Kindly feel free to contact Howen support team to get more details and guidance for testing.


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