How to choose a GPS device for a specific task?

14 September, 2020

Take part in the webinar to find out How to choose a GPS device for a specific task. For example, you have received a request from a customer to solve a specific task. How do you know which GPS device is best for it? What specs do you need to know? For which telematics projects are Base Block Optimum best suited, and where are Galileosky 7x C capabilities sufficient? The webinar will be interesting to fleet management providers managers who want to quickly and easily understand the capabilities of the equipment.

Date and time: September 15, 15:00 UTC+3

We will discuss:

  • For what advantages Galileosky devices are remarkable?
  • How to use specs when selling?
  • Which GPS devices range are best suited for specific industries?

Moreover, participants will receive a gift:

  • Check-list to select tracers for a project;
  • Marketing materials with trackers opportunities description.

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