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GT06 helps Cops to bust car thieves

8 February, 2016

A stolen vintage Mustang GT valued about quarter million Dollars has been found by WA police.

Thieves broke into the car owner’s house and took the key to drive it away in the night April 21, 2013. Thieves didn’t aware that the tracking device was fitted in the Mustang GT, and the tracking company can locate and real-time track the car. The tracking company notified the owner at the first time when the tracking device sent alarm signal. Car owner turned off the car remotely as the instruction by police officer. Thieves were unable to started the car again because of the Tele-cut petrol/electric function provide by GT06R.

GT06R series is Concox most popular vehicle tracker type. With the top sales volume in Southeast Asia and Pacific, South America and India, Concox’s
GPS tracking Device helped over thousand car owners to protect their beloved car from thief’s hands. Moreover, more business are benefited by Concox’s products and service to manage their fleet and cut down cost. see more ->


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