GlobalSat launches new products

28 June, 2016

GlobalSat is launching two new products to speed up evaluation and deployment of LoRaWANTM network. LM-130EVB is the 2 nd generation of LoRaWANTM evaluation board with built-in self-contained components, including certified module, sensors, push-button and battery, which allow users to test the LoRaWANTM network more easily and go to market faster. LD-11H is the mini PCI Express Tx/Rx Adaptor designed to fit in industrial computer and embedded system for immediate deployment with existing infrastructure. Both products are now available for order. Please check for details.



LM-130EVB LoRa® Node is a LoRaWANTM Class A end-node device based on the GlobalSat’s LM-130 LoRaWANTM certified module. The LM-130EVB is a stand-alone battery-powered node with power management capability. It also includes humidity and temperature sensors that allow data collection on a programmable interval or by direct initiation of a button-press.

The node provides a convenient platform to quickly demonstrate the long-range and low power consumption capabilities of the modem, as well as the inter-operability with existing LoRaWANTM gateways and network servers.

The LM-130EVB also provides a standard USB interface to connect with a host computer and provide a bridge to the UART interface of the LM-130 module. As with all LoRaWANTM compliant products, LM-130EVB helps developers to develop hardware and software design and applications more rapidly by using high level ASCII command to control the protocol, before the end product is ready.



LD-11H is a LoRa® wireless communication adaptor with Mini PCI Express interface that allows direct plug-and-use with industrial computers (PC/IPC) and embedded system. This adaptor uses LM-130H LoRaWANTM compliant module as the operation core that ensures the best compatibility with existing LoRaWANTM Gateways and Network Servers in the market. There is a 2 u.FL antenna connector on board for external antenna connection. LD-11H supports both Windows (XP and above) and Linux operation systems.


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