Geoservice reduced fuel costs for the timber company using Galileosky devices

10 February, 2023

Integrator Geoservice installed Galileosky tracking devices with fuel sensors on the vehicles of one of the leading timber companies. This tracking solution helped the customer reduce fuel expenses.

One of the common problems for timber companies is collecting data from the vehicles, as they work in the remote places and do not have access to the GSM connection. Moreover, drivers misuse the lack of control over fuel accounting for personal enrichment and inflate fuel consumption by 30-50%.

A large timber company addressed a request to Geoservice to develop a comprehensive solution for fuel accounting throughout the enterprise. Previously, the customer had already tried to implement the fuel accounting system but did not get the desired result for several years of using it. By working with Geoservice and Galileosky, the company not only reduced costs, but also introduced end-to-end fuel accounting in the whole company.

Project tasks:

  • Providing accumulation and storage of telemetry data in the absence of permanent GSM communication 
  • Developing a monitoring system considering different vehicle models in the car fleet
  • Avoiding overstatement of consumption

To provide communication in the zone without GSM, the customer organized satellite communication points with Wi-Fi coverage. The integrator used Galileosky 7x Wi-Fi Hub devices, which can work with 2 Wi-Fi networks at the same time, to solve the problem of collecting and storing information offline. To switch tracking devices between Wi-Fi networks automatically, a script based on Easy Logic technology was written.

Galileosky 7.0 Wi-Fi tracking devices have been installed on forest harvesters for accumulating data in the absence of communication networks. Once the connection is established, the data from the tracking devices is uploaded directly to the monitoring server via GPRS or to the nearest data collector such as SUVs, logging trucks or petrol tankers equipped with Galileosky 7x HUB or Galileosky Block Base HUB.

The engineers installed digital sensors in the vehicles’ fuel tanks to control the fuel volume. A dispensing module was installed on fuel tankers, so refueling is impossible without a card.

A diesel oil consumption sensor connected to the data collection equipment was installed on the fuel line of the vehicle. The consumption is calculated as the difference between the volume of fuel passed through the supply chamber and the volume of fuel returned to the tank through the overflow return line.

The data is collected and uploaded to the monitoring server with a delay of no more than 48 hours.

Geoservice also created a CRM system for the service department. The system makes it possible to analyze each vehicle or stationary object. Since service specialists often work in forests without GSM connection and Internet access, Geoservice specialists have developed an Android mobile app. This app helps editing requests offline to solve service tasks.


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