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Galileosky releases new GPS tracker with Wi-Fi access point

7 July, 2018

Galileosky releases a new GPS tracker with Wi-Fi access point Galileosky Base Block Wi-Fi Hub, which allows collecting data from other Galileosky devices in areas out of GSM coverage or weak GSM-signal, for example, in wood harvesting, mining, oil and other industries.

Galileosky trackers with Wi-Fi function write data to the internal device storage or to an SD card. The Base Block Wi-Fi Hub receives the saved data from all trackers, and as soon as reaches the coverage area transmits them to the monitoring server.

You can configure the switching between data collection and sending modes using SMS, remote configuration, and commands through the monitoring server. With Easy Logic technology, you can automate the process of switching modes from the geofence parameters or the schedule.

Regardless of the operation mode Galileosky Base Block Wi-Fi Hub determines its location and records its own track, which is transmitted to the server together with the data from other tracking units.


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